Romantic Recipe Contest

Romantic Recipe Challenge. 10 Recipes, you decide the winner.

Bloggers all around the US were asked to share their love of lamb during Lamb Lover’s Month by creating a dinner for two recipe and a photo of the dish. They got to choose from 3 cuts: Boneless Leg, Ground or Loin Chops to create their romantic meal. Now it is up to you to choose the winner! Make sure to base your vote on both the recipe and the photo! Ends February 28th at 5pm MST.

Lamb Lovers Empanadas

Girl Meets Food | about the blog

Everyone has their own special way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, be it canoodling with a significant other or baking a phallic-shaped cake decorated with the names of your men-emies…

If you’re feeling lovable this year, cooking a romantic dinner for two is another viable option.  I’ve incorporated my favorite Latin flavors into an original recipe using ground lamb courtesy of the American Lamb Board. Please try the recipe then vote for it here between February 14-28, 2013 as I compete against other bloggers in the Lamb Lovers Month Recipe & Photo contest! read the complete blog post

Dukkah-Crusted Lamb Chop
and yogurt mint sauce and pea couscous

Sunshine and Smile | about the blog

Growing up, mutton was my preferred choice of meat. Most Sundays, Dad would rush to the market early morning so he didn’t miss the chance to buy the best quality of meat and later, mom would prepare a rich mutton curry for lunch. We would always be extra hungry on that day. It was only after moving to US that I learnt the difference between lamb and mutton. It surprised me when I realized how rare and hard it is to find mutton in any store over here. After missing my special Sunday lunch for a while, I finally decided to give lamb a try in a restaurant. The experience was bad! I was disappointed with the texture and flavor. The gravy was good but the meat was extremely fibrous with no flavor at the complete blog post

Smoked Paprika Lamb Chops, Green Olive-Goat Cheese Risotto

Je Mange la Ville | about the blog

Recently, I was asked to participate in the American Lamb Board’s Dinner for Two Recipe & Photo Contest, which is a absolute treat because I really do love lamb. Even more awesome, is that they sent me some lamb to use in developing a recipe for this contest. Seriously like Christmas. Delicious, lamb-filled Christmas. Or, Valentine’s Day, actually, since the theme of this contest is Dinner for Tworead the complete blog post

Rigatoni with Lamb and Eggplant Ragu and Goat Cheese Cream

Culinary Colleen | about the blog

I don’t know about you, but my winter blues are in full effect. And that upcoming blizzard here in Boston? Ugh.(Also, since when did they start naming blizzards? Is it going to be that bad that it needs a name?)

Anyways, I may not be able to change the weather, but I can certainly feed myself some comforting food. It wasperfect timing when the American Lamb Board recently sent me some delicious ground lamb to work with as part of Lamb Lover’s Month. Turning it into a hearty, meaty pasta dish was just what the doctor the complete blog post

Herb Roasted leg of lamb

Serious Crust | about the blog

Did you know that February is Lamb Lover’s Month? Neither did I, until I was contacted by the American Lamb Board to participate in a lamb cooking contest (you can vote here, starting February 14th:  Yes, that’s right folks. How could I possibly say no? So I filled out my registration, and got a boneless leg of lamb in the mail last the complete blog post

Pulled lamb sandwich with caramelized onions and chipotle garlic aioli

Indian Simmer | about the blog

She checked the clock twice in a minute to make sure it was still working. Checked her phone to see if there were any calls that she had missed. Rushed to the sound of a passing car and she peaked out the window hoping it was him. Then disappointed went back to the couch rubbing her sweaty palms against each other, sat down and began shaking the legs again.

He promised he will be home from work by 8 and it was almost midnight. No phone calls, no messages and no news of him being well. He never does that, then why today? Something must have gone terribly wrong. An accident or maybe that back of his? Worst things come to mind at times like the complete blog post

Lamb Kufte with Pomegranate Wine Molasses

Cave Cibum | about the blog

According to the American Lamb Board, February is Lamb Lover’s Month. When they reached out to me to create a special Valentine’s Day meal for two, there was no way I could say no.

I’m a fan of the typical cheesy Valentine’s Day stuff – heart-shaped everything, splashed in red and pink, surrounded by little baby cupids. My Valentine’s Pinterest board has more links than my Christmas boards! So forgive me if I went a little overboard with this recipe of heart-shaped kufte. If your heart (ok, that was taking it a bit too far) isn’t in it, you could just shape these as patties or the complete blog post

Mint Chocolate Cherry Lamb Chops

The Salted Peach | about the blog

This past week I had the opportunity to do some serious cooking.  And I’m serious about that serious. Italics don’t mess around. Serious Cooking, by my definition, means “the act of sitting and game planning at least 24 hours in advance,  writing a grocery list and a recipe and recording cook times and quantity ratios so that others can successfully reproduce the mania and mouthbliss you created amidst a whirlwind of steam smoke sweat and flying onion”.

This is opposed to Most Nights, which translates into “hungry I’m hungry man I could go for pesto but stirfry sounds good too can you put cheese on stirfry my gosh it got so late! beans and cheese will do ohmygoshthischeeseissogood dinner rocks”. My dictionary, you see, is one of a blunt eloquence. the complete blog post

Lamb Loin with Chili, Mint, and Mustard Seed

Tiny Urban Kitchen | about the blog

I’m sure most people’s culinary worlds expand after marriage. After all, it’s unusual for two people to have exactly the same palate, upbringing, and preferences when it comes to food. Inevitably, your tongue will be opened to a wider variety of flavors when these two worlds collide.

Case in point: When Bryan and I first got married, I mostly cooked Chinese food, with a bent towards Taiwanese cuisine. It was the food I grew up eating, and I was comfortable cooking it. As time has gone by, in an effort cater to Bryan’s palate, I’ve moved towards cooking a broader range of food, such as trying to perfect his favorite pasta dishes, making way more steakthan I ever would have on my own, and . . . . learning how to cook the complete blog post

Lamb Au Poivre

Capital Cooking | about the blog

February is Lamb Lovers month. To celebrate, make this lamb recipe for Valentine’s Day. Lamb Au Poivre is typically made with steak and is a classic French peppery dish. I added my Lauren Lambassador twist by switching out the beef for lamb.

Please try the recipe then vote for it here between February 14-28th to help me win the Lamb Lovers Month Recipe and Photo contest! the complete blog post